Trego products

Cotterell Engineering is an approved reseller of Trego Maskin products in the UK.

Trego Maskin AB was founded in 1972 in order to sell engine rebuilding equipment in Sweden. In 1993 Trego started to construct its own product, the pneumatic Valve Spring VFP 500. At the same time the Valve Keeper Installer was made to make the keeper installation on modern cylinder heads faster and more convenient.

Trego continued to successfully construct its own new machines, first by the production of the manual Valve Spring Press VFP50, then the Tool Grinding machine SM125 and later the Vacuum Tester VT.

To discuss the current range of Trego Maskin products, all of which can be purchased through Cotterell Engineering, please contact us.

Available resources:
- Trego Adjusting Tool
- Trego Dowel Puller
- Trego Extension
- Trego Guide Master
- Trego Laser Pointer
- Trego SM125
- Trego Valve Keeper Tools
- Trego VFP 50
- Trego VFP 500
- Trego VT Vacuum Test