Rapid Engineering products

Valve guide sleeves
Aluminium heads are fragile, prone to severe warping and require more precision workmanship. The Rapid Engineering Valve Guide Sleeve System allows the existing valve guide to be left in position and be realigned so not disturb the head or alter installed dimensions. It assures excellent valve seat alignment.

Crankshaft sleeves
Rapid Engineering’s superior professional stainless steel quick sleeves are available to repair crankshaft ends where groove wear on the shafts has been caused by the rear oil seal.

Crankshaft sleeve key advantages:

  • Rapidcrankshaft sleeves are made from 430 Series Stainless Steel
  • All models are available in standard (to fit over original, untouched shafts) or in undersize where shafts can be ground down to the specifications
  • Once installed the Rapid sleeve can be polished along with the main and rod journals to clear any minor imperfections or roundness created in the installation process.

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