Valve trains

Valve guides
We replace valve guides with new guides or re-line existing guides using RAPID sleeves when suitable. For guide replacement, we heat the head up to a required temperature to press out old guides and fit new replacements without damaging the cylinder head.

The RAPID sleeve solution is suitable if guides are not available or don’t need to be removed, due to possible damage to the head from removing the old guides.

We can also manufacture bespoke one-off valve guides in-house to ensure the quality and specifications of the part are correct, and where parts are unavailable.

Valve seat cutting and valve seat insert fitting
Using a high-tech Mira Profi 2000 machine tool – one of the most accurate machines available worldwide and one of only two in UK – we can cut valve seats to a high level of accuracy on any over head or side valve engine.

Our experienced engineers can fit unleaded seats to give effective valve seating, with a secure seal that allows good compression to create a more powerful and efficient engine.

Valves that are being reused are refaced accurately to provide a high-quality gas sealing surface.