MIRA products

Cotterell Engineering is proud to be the UK’s only supplier of MIRA’s world-leading precision tooling and equipment. You can order your required product by contacting us.

Founded more than 35 years ago as a small specialised division within the MINELLI Engine Reconditioning Corporation MIRA has gradually become a leader in the field of designing, developing and manufacturing first class tooling and equipment for the professional engine reconditioner.

MIRA’s modern state-of-the art manufacturing facility located in Pfaeffikon near Zurich is a symbol of MIRA’s continued commitment to its worldwide customers.

MIRA manufactures a line of high precision cylinder head rebuilding machinery and equipment for professional engine builders. MIRA machines and tools are built do deliver higher accuracy than any other comparable equipment on the market. Since the beginnings in 1968, MIRA has produced and sold more than 30’000 valve refacing units and related equipment to the worldwide engine rebuilding industry.


MIRA produces all critical components in-house using dedicated state-of-the-art CAD und CNC machinery and equipment to ensure rock-solid engineering, high manufacturing quality and last but not least the famous Swiss precision engineering…!

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